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re: DKP


DKP Points/Priorities

DKP Points-
1 Point for being on time (Before 8pm/ 7PM on Sun.)
1 Point for raiding 1 Hour
1 Point for raiding 1 Hour
1 Point for raiding the whole night.
*Bonus* 1 Point for New Boss Kill.
A no show for a raid night without letting an Officer know results in a -10 DKP penalty.
*DKP will be taxed 10% every month if it is required (Officers and Guild Leader will decide).*
AFK in the middle of a raid or after a death with out notification to your class leader/raid leader may result in being replaced and loss of DKP. Please keep AFK's to a minimum.

Loot Priorities-
Priority > DKP > Loot
Raiders and Members have 1 Loot priority to use per raid night. Raiders have priority over Members (the one loot priority per raid night applies, Officers can discuss whether an item would be better for a Raider over a Member). Pugs will be allowed to loot an item if no Raider/Member wants the item for their Main spec or their Raiding off spec.

Item Costs-

Item Costs


Armor Sets (T7+) - 18 DKP
Other Armor (Non Sets) - 16 DKP


1 Handers/Off Hand/Shields - 10 DKP
2 Handers - 20 DKP

Rings/Neck/Trinkets/Cloak - 16 DKP

Off Spec's-

Please dont ask about off spec rolls the Officer currently in charge will get to it and ask for rolls. With the changes made by Blizzard with spell power gear we will see how things turn out for those items and see if they can be considered off spec for classes that use spell power.


*Each raid has a maximum of 4 DKP awarded. You get 1 DKP for showing up, 1 DKP for staying an hour, 1 DKP for staying 2 hours, and 1 DKP for staying 3 hours. If you leave after an hour then you get 2 DKP if you leave after 2 then you get 3 etc. This only applies to valid reasons for not staying the whole time.

*If you DC and do not return and give no reason as to why you DCed by the next day then you will earn no DKP for that night. If it's a continued occurrence then you will start getting penalties.

*If you sign up for a raid and do not show up and have no reason as to why you lose around 20 DKP.

If you are on standby and cover for someone who is going to be late or whatever then you will receive DKP equal to the time you  spent in the raid (rounded to the nearest hour)

*If for some reason we have a raid and only half the people show up or whatever and the raid is canceled then the people who showed up get 2 DKP and those who didn't that have no excuse lose around 20 DKP.

I may award an extra DKP for new boss kills or for reaching a guild goal. Yes even If I'm not there when it happens.

Loot Priority

You get 1 Loot Priority per raid. If I get T6 shoulders and we kill the council I cannot win the pants no matter how much DKP I have if someone with priority bids on them.

Raiders have priority over members as long as the Raider has their loot priority left. If I loot an item I used my priority if then later in the raid another item drops and me and a member say "me" for it then the member will win as long as they still have their Loot Priority. Veterans and Officers have the same priority as Raiders.

Applicants get no Loot Priority and can only get items that would otherwise be Disenchanted.

In the case of an item dropping that is not unique, you can get one of them and have to wait till everyone else that needs it has one before acquiring a second one.

If the guild requires a guild member to bring an alt multiple times in order for us to progress then their Alt will receive equal priority as a raider. In order for an alt to get such status a few conditions must be met.

1. The Alt is used for the majority of the raid and is needed by us in order to down a boss.

2. They have been invited multiple times to fill a role we need and therefore is played about the same as a Main.

3. Either myself or the officers asked for that person to bring his or her Alt.

Current Guild members that meet such conditions:

These individuals forfeit the chance at loot for their main characters in order for us to progress in the game. Stickypriest for a long time had ZERO Hyjal loot because he was playing Stickums so we could progress. At the same time you do not see them bidding on T6 items over active raiders and what not. They only gear their Alts so they can maintain the job that they need them to do. They do not use their Alts to take gear from raiders.

Off Spec Rolling

Off Spec Rolling is something we came up with during SSC in order to A) reduce the amount of gear that was sharded and b) give our off spec classes or hybrid classes current healing/tanking gear in the case we need them to do that.

For example, a healing leather item drops. In the raid there is a resto druid, boomkin, feral druid. If the resto druid doesn't want the item then the boomkin and feral druid can do an off spec roll for the item. Off Spec Rolls do not cost the winner any DKP. Now if the Boomkin druid wants to spend points on the healing leather item then they can at anytime and they will lose their Item Priority.

Its pretty obvious what is Off Spec and what is not, do not try to get around the system and get free items by saying it was an off spec roll, while sometimes you might get around the system we are not stupid and we know when you are trying to beat the system.

Now there are instances where maybe one of our players is asked to heal more than others and generally we want to keep their gear upgraded over the people who only are asked to heal once and awhile.

1. Druid offspecs - resto, feral, moonkin

2. Shammy - resto, elemental, enh

3. Warrior - Dps (includes arms & fury builds), Prot

4. Priest - Shadow, Holy

5. Paladin - prot, ret, holy

6. Rogues - Dodge set for if another boss appears like RoS

If its not on the list, then there's no offspec roll.

There are no "sub" offspecs like feral tanking vs feral dps or Tanking dodge vs Tanking hitpoints.

There's no pvp offspec.

There's no +hit, +crit, +dmg, +mana, +regen, +haste, mace, dagger, 1H, 2H, fire, frost, etc offset. We all have pieces we swap out in our main set for different situations so its fair to pay dkp for it.

In the past I have let rogues roll on maces or let people roll on "fun" items I will continue to do so but its at my own discretion and is not something that will happen every time something drops.

Special Loot

There are certain circumstances that items drop that are usable by everyone but are obviously best used by certain classes. When these items are accessible then I will create a priority list for that item to ensure that it goes to the class that gets the most benefit from it. This is a rare occurrence and currently has only happened with the Dragonspine Trophy

BoE Epic Loot

They will be offered like any other item that drops, if no one wants it then it will be put into the bank. You can purchase them for alts or yourself with DKP or something of value to the guild. After a while they will be sold.

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